My kind of music- Love it or Hate it! (Be patient when downloading)

We connect strongly with the music we grow up with. It remains a big part of our lives . We associate feelings and memories with each song we hear.They never go away.
I was brought up with the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and the Who.
They say that if you remember the 60s then you weren't there. I was, but I remember.
British music was taking over from American music in terms of quality and output. We were entertained by singer-songwriters ( a new breed of performer) who produced original and thought provoking material.

Live Performers:

The first band I ever saw live was Family, pioneers of the Underground sceneFamily - The Weaver's Answer.mp3. loved them then, still do. Roger Chapman's vocals had to be heard to be believed.
Other live acts I saw who remain in my mind to this day:
The Who- the greatest rock band in the world- no argument. Saw them twice.You can now hear their music when you watch CSI on TV- truly bizarre.09 Won't Get Fooled Again.wma Daltrey's primal scream near the end gets me every time.
The Kinks- so English, entertaining, witty and amusing! Listen to Lola, Autumn Almanac, Dedicated Follower of fashion( on listening exercises).
Queen- the ultimate showmen, a true stadium band and great for singalongs. I prefer their earlier stuff- harder and more rocking 01 Brighton Rock.wma.
Eric Clapton White_Room.mp3 best when he was with Cream, the original Supergroup. He'sa bit of a cabaret act now, but quality. This song makes me cry- Eric_Clapton_-_Tears_In_Heaven.mp3, -because of the story behind it
Meat Loaf- Amazing voice and stamina, sang for over 3 hours, rock and roll legend.01 Bat out of hell.mp3 The greatest driving song- keep your speed down if you can!
Bob Dylan- Often imitated, never bettered. Singer/songwriter without equal.09 - Desolation Row.mp3
To my students (only)- I'll give you 100 yuan if you can remember the words of this song. (Limited to 3 students.) Saw him in Hyde Park, wonderful!
Other performers I went to see:
INXS, the Alarm , the Clash, Alanis Morrisette, Status Quo, Roy Harper, Incredible String Band , Ralph McTell, the Dubliners . all worth seeing.

Other singers I never tire of:(I'm sure there are lots more)

Simon and Garfunkel: wonderful U.S. duo, great songwriter, with angelic singer.Some songs are so personal 02 For Emily, Whenever I May Find her.mp3.
David Bowie- the chameleon of pop. Always innovative, can be rocking, whimsical or crooning. This is his George Orwell period , I guess04 Candidate.wma. Or his alien momentDavid Bowie - Life On Mars (1999 Digital Remaster).mp3.
The Rolling Stones- loved by teenagers, hated by parents- still playing in 2010 !!! 03 Sympathy for the Devil.wma. Unbelievable lyrics and backing.
The band I always wanted to see were Led Zeppelin-the most successful rock band ever. the pairing of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page is the best.04 Dazed and Confused.wma hear a guitar played like a violin, stunning vocal/guitar interplay.
Biggest regret? I never saw Jimi Hendrix. The greatest guitarist there ever was , and ever will be 16 Voodoo Child (Slight Return).mp3 . A true God. Catch him on video, you won't believe what you see.Plays with his teeth,behind his back , upside down guitar. Makes the instrument talk.
The Beatles were the most influential. The music just got better and better.The Beatles-Day In The Life A.wma hope they've fixed all those holes in Blackburn!
Pink Floyd write the most thought provoking stuff you will ever hear, complex tunes and stunning lyrics. Listening to a CD can leave you shattered, yet wanting more.05 Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2.wma- treating schoolkids like robots. Or going completely insane? 10 One of My Turns.wma
I am also Intrigued by classically trained musicians who produce excellent rock. The best in my view were Yes, a band who wrote very good songs with even greater endings! listen to the closing sequence on this- breathtaking!03 Starship Trooper-Life Seeker-Disillusion-Würm.wma
I always wished I could play guitar, never tried. Hear the solo at the end of this!!!Freebird.mp3 Lynyrd Skynyrd never did anything as good after this. Great for air guitar !!!!!
Can't completely ignore heavy metal. Not the most accomplished of styles, but good for releasing aggressionParanoid.mp3 Black Sabbath, led by Ozzy Osborne are fine exponents of this.

Finally, songs to remember me by.

I relate to Hendrix's comments on life (and death) in the middle of this song, and his attitude to people who think that they are better than others. If_6_was_9.mp3. And Lennon could have written this about me- 18 Working Class Hero.mp3 - straight talking, bitter, don't be offended.
SOMETHING TO WATCH: Another brick in the Wall- the Video